On December 18, 2013, I received shocking news from my best friend, Irene.  Irene informed me that her son had died.  I was devastated by this news and had a hard time believing and accepting this.  Sonny, as we all knew him, was a loving father, a great son, and a good friend and it just felt that it was so unfair that he passed at such a young age of 39 years.


I was upset about the loss of Sonny and thinking about Sonny’s young children kept me awake at night.  I wanted to do something in Sonny’s name, but I didn’t know what.  Then one day, it occurred to me that maybe I could start a business for them doing what their Grandmother Irene had done as a hobby.   And when Sonny’s children grow up, I will pass the business to them.  This would be Sonny’s legacy. 

I Customize Anything etc, Inc.  is a family owned and operated business.


Our main objective is to satisfy our customers and we do this by designing and customizing your ideas and visions.  I Customize Anything etc, takes pride in making sure our clients know that their orders will be handled securely and with the utmost care.  

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